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Long-term rental investments 

Download our full-length guide to long-term rental investments. This tells you everything you need to know about buying to invest in the rental market.

  • Real estate agents

Discover how to do business with your real estate agent, and how to choose the best one for your needs. It will be better to pick someone who knows about this market and is used to dealing with an investor. Not every real estate agent will be geared up to working with a professional investor, so knowing which to avoid is crucial.

  • Tax considerations

Our guide to long-term rentals fills you in on all the requirements and schemes available to investors. It is worth remembering that having your property in a tax advantage account will not mean that you are exempt from any taxes in your local area or state.

Also, remember if your rental property is not in the same area as your home address then you are obliged for taxes in both areas.

Short term rental and vacation investments

Not everyone wants to rent long-term. There may be a myriad of reasons why you might consider short-term lets.

Our comprehensive guide explains how to go for the best returns for the lowest operational costs. It also sets out all the tax-free possibilities of short-term rentals.

The vacation and short-term let markets is seeing a boom right now, with platforms such as Airbnb gaining prominence.

You may even choose to let your main residence out as a short-term let – but to do so can incur many pitfalls, which our guide navigates in depth.

Flipping houses

Our full-length guide to home flipping sets out in simple terms all there is to know about how to maximize income from flipping houses.

The advantages for the investor are serious, these are investments which can yield lucrative incomes, even on a short scale. They are also attractive because they promise such a fast turnaround rate.

So, who wouldn’t be tempted?

Of course, what most TV experts won’t tell you is how much hard work goes into the renovations, not to mention cost.

Our no-holds-barred guide prepares you for the costs, hassle and sheer slog involved in flipping properties.

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