Financial District Apartments:3 Reasons to Prepare Your Paperwork Before You Start Looking

Many apartment hunters who aren't native to New York are surprised at just how difficult it can be to find a great, affordable apartment in the city, especially in the hot new enclave known as FiDi (Financial District apartments).

Hence, when many start their search in the area, they are woefully underprepared for a couple of things; namely, (i) how many great spaces are available in this area; and (ii) how quickly they're rented. To this end, following are three reasons to prepare your rental paperwork before you start to look at Financial District apartments for rent.

  1.  Apartments Go Fast in the City: As mentioned above, apartments in New York City '" especially those considered a "good deal" — rent very quickly. Usually when an apartment becomes available, it can be shown and rented within a few hours.

So there's no time to tell your rental agent, "I'll have the application fee next week," or "I can drop the security deposit by when I get paid on Friday."

  1.  There are a Plethora of "Great" Spaces: Unique spaces abound in Financial District apartments. That's because the neighborhood is comprised mostly of industrial spaces (eg, offices and headquarters of many of the city's major financial institutions), and are now being turned into residential spaces.
    This means features like floor to ceiling window; incredible views; and open, loft-like spaces that are highly desire by today's apartment hunters '" especially in a city as confined as New York. This brings us to the final reason . . .

III. You're Going to Fall in Love: There are no two ways about it. When you start looking at Financial District apartments, odds are, you're going to fall in love with one.

So, prepare your rental paperwork before you start your search, eg: tax returns (two years); bank statements (at least three months); employment verification letter; etc. Your rental agent will tell you exactly what you need. In fact, work with one to find the ideal Financial District apartment '" because you don't want to miss out on your one true "love," now do you?

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