Composting Solutions for Apartment Dwellers

One thing that is nice when you own a house is you can have a compost heap, if you are renting a house a lot of times landlords will give permission to allow you to have a compost heap, something that may seem impossible if you are renting an apartment. However there are a few solutions to composting in an apartment. Here are some questions I asked when I wanted to stop throwing away by biodegradable items.

What is Compost?

Remnants of organic materials that were aerobically decomposed is compost.

What is Composting?

Composting is the process in which you produce compost, containing your biodegradable organic matter to one area where aerobic decomposition and creatures like nematodes, ants and certain worms break down the matter naturally into soil.

Why Do You Need to Separate It From Trash?

Although composting in a natural process it does not occur in such hostile environments as within landfills because the microbes and other decomposers are prevented from thriving and generating compost.

I Live In an Apartment What Can I do?

Now from what I have discovered there are several things that one can do with the biodegradable matter.

Feed Your Food Scraps to Your Plants

If you have got a blender you are set, you can blend up all of your cores, peels and parts of fruits and vegetables that you don't eat and add water to the mixture to add to your plants. Don't feed your plants meat scrapings though, that is not recommended.

Use a Counter Top Composter

A nifty invention that allows anyone with limited space, such as someone who lives in an apartment compost efficiently. You can either conceal all of your scraps' odors in an air tight container until you have use for them or can transport them to a friend's outdoor compost heap.

Make a Compost Heap On Your Balcony

With permission from your landlord you can make a compost heap on your balcony or entrance to your yard area. Use a bin, so you will not attract stray animals or bother you neighbor apartment dwellers with any odors. Again transporting your compost to an outdoor heap can be done too.

Even when you live in an apartment you still have the option of turning your biodegradable materials into compost. By doing so you will be making less trash for yourself and you will be helping out the environment.

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