Compare Careers in Real Estate



Finding the right career can be difficult. If you want to enter a career in the field of real estate then you will need to first decide on which real estate career you want.



How to Compare Careers in Real Estate

Create a list of career characteristics that you are looking for. For example do you want to make a regular salary, do you want to be able to earn large commissions, do you want to work in the field, or do you want to work in an office.;

Create a list of real estate careers that you are interested in. This list may include such real estate careers as buyer’s agent, seller’s agent, mortgage broker, real estate appraiser, real estate inspector, and rental agent.;

Select three or four real estate careers that you are interested in.;

Create a pros and cons list for each of these careers. You can do this on a spreadsheet, or you can simply divide a piece of paper into sections, with each section belonging to a real estate career. In each section of the paper write down the career title, and then create a pros column and a cons column under each title.;

Gather information about each real estate career that you are interested in. You can find information online, at a public library, at an online library, by taking a real estate career seminar, by going to a career fair, or by simply talking to a real estate professional from your area.;

List pros and cons from your research in their respective columns.;

Compare the pros and cons from each real estate career. Look for a real estate career that offers the most pros, the fewest cons, and that also has qualities that match the characteristics that you listed in step one.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.;

Research several real estate careers before making a selection to make sure you choose the career that will serve you best.;

Local real estate professionals are a great source of career information.

Not every real estate career is for everyone.;

Some real estate careers take special training.;

Some real estate careers require state licensing.

Find real estate career information at;

Find real estate career information at

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