Apartment Living May Increase Allergies

Apartment Living May Increase Allergies

Allergies are quite common in areas of the country where seasonal fluctuations occur. For many adults, allergies are often controlled by use of medications and avoiding environments where allergic reactions may be exacerbated. If you are an adult with allergy complications, and you are considering relocation to an apartment, you may want to first consider how apartment living may complicate your allergy condition.

Apartments, no matter what the age, can pose a health risk to adults with allergies. Unless the apartment building is brand new, and never previously occupied, you can be assured that living in an apartment will pose some degree of exacerbation of allergy symptoms. When consider relocation to an apartment, there are some questions you may want to ask the apartment management team before you decide to make the move.

First, find out how often the filter within your apartment will be changed. Typically, most apartment management companies will change out filters every six months. But, with some management companies, accommodations to change air filters more frequently can be made but must be made in writing. If your apartment management team does not offer to change the air filter more frequently than is standard for their complex, ask about the possible opportunity to replace your own air filters and then deduct those expenses from your monthly rental. When this type of question is posed, many apartment complex management teams will opt to accommodate your request and make the changes themselves.

In addition to air filter, if you are considering relocation to a new apartment building, ask the apartment management team to rent a space to you that has never been occupied by a smoker. While the apartment may have been cleaned, if it was once occupied by a smoker, there are greater risks for your allergies to be aggravated as soot and other tobacco related debris is most likely still lingering in the vents of the apartment.

And, finally, when relocating to an apartment, ask the apartment complex about the presence of mold and what mold prevention has been done within the community and, specifically, within your apartment. Because mold is a common aggravator of allergies, it will be important to determine if the apartment is infested with mold and then take necessary steps to remove the mold prior to your move in date.

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Expect Extra Costs When Buying an Apartment in the United Kingdom

Expect Extra Costs When Buying an Apartment in the United Kingdom

If you are moving to the United Kingdom and plan on purchasing an apartment, you should know that steep service charges and other costs often are tacked onto the purchase price of new apartments there. In fact, these costly service charges can be around 4,000 Great Britain pounds per year. Sometimes, though, these expensive fees end up including heating and hot-water costs.

If you find an apartment that you are interested in purchasing, you should ask of the price for the property includes the access to private grounds and to a parking space. A lot of times, especially in the newer developments, you have to pay an extra fee to have access to a garage or underground parking garage for your vehicle. Other service charges that you will be expected to pay are charges for the upkeep of all of the places deemed for communal use in the development. You will also be expected to carry insurance in the event that you cause damage to the other apartments, such as leaving a candle burning that starts a fire that damages your neighbor’s apartment.

It is important to inquire about the service charges of an apartment before you buy it as well as any special charges that you may have to pay. You can expect for charges to be billed either monthly or twice a year. And be prepared for the fees to be adjusted at the end of each year. If the apartment that you are buying is not new you should ask the owner to show you copies of their service charge billing statements for previous years. Remember that the more amenities your development offers, such as a spa or swimming pool, then the higher your service charges will be. It is not uncommon for luxury apartments to have service charges of around GBP 5,000 per year.

If there is a live-in maintenance person in your development you can expect higher fees than developments that do not have one. Developments that are maintained and managed by a management company also tend to have higher service charges. The trade off is that management company maintained developments tend to be maintained better than others.

You can dispute your service charges. Disagreements between tenants and landlords are heard by a Leasehold Valuation Tribunal, which is the closest equivalent to a small claims court in the United States.

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How to Find an Apartment in South Florida If You Have a Large Dog

How to Find an Apartment in South Florida If You Have a Large Dog

Finding an apartment can be challenging in South Florida, but even more so if you have a pet, especially a dog. In my case, I have two dogs and both of them would be considered on the large side. My older dog weighs 80 pounds and my younger dog weighs 45. So my choices are limited when it comes time to scour the classifieds for a new residence.

In South Florida, people move into the area on a daily basis, so landlords have the ability to be picky when deciding who they want to rent to. Many times, that inlcudes a serious bias against large dogs. Lots of landlords will rent to people with small dogs and cats, but renting with a large dog in South Florida can potentially pose a problem.

For the most part, I have been lucky with my past and present landlords, but it wasn’t without a lot of perseverance and hard work that I found these places in the first place.

My advice to you if you are thinking about adopting a pet? Even if your present landlord or apartment community is accepting of pets–think long and hard about the uphill battle you are going to face in the future when you need to relocate. Everyone who wants a pet should be commended for their desire to share their life with a homeless creature, but unfortunately, many landlords do not share our love of four-legged friends. In fact, landlords are often quick to say “no” to pets or exclude anyone from even inquiring about the subject by placing the words “No Pets” boldly in the ad.

Even though animosity towards animals exists when renting in South Florida, there are still ways to find an apartment with pets, although it is a bit more difficult. Do not give up and do not resort to giving your pet away because you can’t find an apartment after searching for a few days. Give it some time. Trust me, there have been instances when I have been at my wit’s end, but something always comes through.

Here are few guidelines to help get your apartment hunt started in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade:

1) Palm Beach Post, Sun Sentinel, Miami Herald, Craigslist
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