House in Market is one of the premier real estate publications in the USA today. Our monthly online publication has been analyzing the trends in real estate since 2006 and in this time has seen significant expansion.

Our website is a fully detailed resource for all professional investors in the real estate market today. All our guides and publications can be accessed by our subscribers for free, but we have also made our resources available for guests to purchase piecemeal.

A subscription to our journal is a minimum requirement of any serious real estate investor in the United States. We deal with all aspects of investment, be it in the buy-to-let market, or flipping homes, or anything in between!

Whether you have only one property you are looking to market, or a portfolio, our guides are essential reading for all investors.

Despite all the craziness that 2020 has unleashed, there is still no better time to make an investment in real estate and this month’s publication tackles the pandemic and its’ effects on the rental market in the USA.

One of the unique insights our publication seeks to bring to first time investors is a glossary of terms used in the business, as well as in depth analysis of what the latest announcements actually mean in practical terms.

Whilst other publications simply relay soundbites, House in Market attempts to explain its true meaning to investors, so they know what each deal represents in real terms.

Our team

Our team are all experts in their respective areas. Each of our editors has been handpicked to provide a breadth in their analyses.

Our editors specialize in long-term and short-term investments as well as other areas such as flipping and commercial property.

All our writers have personal experience of investing real estate and provide clarity in matters such as tax, state and federal laws and insurance matters.

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