Daily Archive: August 6, 2017

Top real estate locations in Australia 

Australia is among the booming real estate markets in the world. The growing interest in investing in commercial and residential properties is not fading away. The investors find Australia impressive for its climate, unique countryside, and fabulous cities. However, the greatest thing about Australian real estate market lies in the fact that it’s one of the countries with smallest population density rate (3.2/km2 or 8.3/sq mi, according to Wikipedia).

What do you need to know before investing in Australian real estates

joe nahasThe emerging of business districts across Australia made a real impact on the infrastructure of the major cities. Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra are competing which one of them will offer a commercial property with more attractive amenities and location. The investors are seeking high standards, and are willing to pay for the luxury, comfort, and uniqueness.

The vivid real estate opportunities can be found in numerous places across Australian districts, but here are some that deserves your attention.

# Bribie Island

If you’re planning a peaceful retirement, Bribie Island is the place for you. With residents averagely aged 55 years, this sandy island on the northern coastline of Moreton Bay, Queensland will give you amenities every retiree needs. Surrounded by golf courts, this local community is still under the radar for many tourists, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the locals and the culture of this area of Australia.

# Sunshine Coast

With a great investment potential for the future, Sunshine Coast makes one of the most attractive locations in Australia. The city is one of the popular tourist attractions, surrounded by national parks, beaches, and other must-see spots. The investment you made in buying a property on Sunshine Coast can bring you an impressive turnout in the future; according to financial and real estate experts, the real estate market of Sunshine Coast is successfully recovering from an economic crash that happened a few years ago.

# Parramatta

joe nahasThe melting pot of Sydney, Parramatta is the leading business district in this town. The location of this suburb makes it a perfect place for those who are interested in investing commercial properties. The popularity of the region is growing because some of the leading development projects are breaking the barriers of real estate market in Sydney. According to Joe Nahas, one of the leading property investors in Australia, the interest in Parramatta is not yet at its peak – buyers can expect more significant projects throughout the years.

# Cairns

This Northern city is very appealing to foreign tourists, and most of them are coming from China. Thanks to its warm and tropical climate, Cairns is about to melt even the hardest sells. Chinese tourism plays a distinctive part in the overall ratings of the city, so as the fact that Cairns is surrounded by some of the major golf courts, beaches and tourist attractions. Investing in a property that is located in Cairns can give you numerous business opportunities, as well. Since the place is filled with tourists, starting a business in this area will make your investment worth the money.